How to read your WhatsApp messages without the sender knowing about it

How to read your WhatsApp messages without the sender knowing about it

by 19th January 2016

It is world of WhatsApp because now people send more WhatsApp messages on their smartphones rather than they send from the stock messaging app. It is a great application which let you do many cool things that you even cannot think of doing with the stock messaging app. But there is a feature in WhatsApp, which is by default and even if you want to disable it, you simply can’t. When you send someone WhatsApp message, there will be two blue tick shown at the bottom, confirming that the person on the receiving side has red your message, and it applies same when you read the message of someone else who send you.

This blue tick tool is a cool feature indeed and it is sometime a headache too especially when you want to read the message and you really don’t want that the other person knows that you have read the message. And when the two blue ticks are shown, you really wait for the message from that side and it a cause of problem when other do not respond.

Now here comes the cool stuff regarding that issue. If you want to read the message and you also want that the other person do not knows that, it is possible with a simple cool trick, and with that sender will even not know when you have read the message.


How to read your WhatsApp messages without the sender knowing about it

To remain undercover on the next time you received the WhatsApp message, all you have to follow the given instructions.

First of all you need to put your smartphone into Airplane Mode, and after doing that open the message. The app will be offline of course, but whatever stored in the cache like a recent received message will be still visible to you but it won’t log you down as viewing it.


To be on a very safe side, make sure that you have closed the WhatsApp before you turn the Airplane Mode.

This thing will work best if you have a banner notifications on your smartphone. Because of that you can have a preview of the message, before you can switch between the Airplane Mode.

Now the interesting part is that if you are too lazy to do all, or you do not want to speak to the person without making it known, you can easily remove the whole tick system altogether.


For that navigate to the settings in WhatsApp, and from here tap the Account and then Privacy and then Toggle that read receipts tab to off. That’s it. Now you will not be bothered by the blue tick anymore.


By doing this you will also not be able to see the people who have read your messages. If you’re in a group chat though read receipts are always sent so there’s no hiding here.