Top 5 Maddening issues of LG G5 and their possible Solutions

Top 5 Maddening issues of LG G5 and their possible Solutions

by 9th May 2016

Whenever a smartphone is launched in the market, no matter who it is strong specs or built wise, it definitely comes with bugs and issues that are mostly software related. LG G5 which has been launched in the recent past also reportedly been affected with bugs and issues. LG G5 is a very good upgrade from its predecessor but as we all know, when there is a problem then are possible solutions too present. Let’s talk about top 5 Maddening issues of LG G5 and their possible solutions.

1. Connectivity issues

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity issues are reported by vast number of users on their LG G5. The possible solutions are

Possible solutions

For Wi-Fi connectivity:

1. First of all you have to turn the router and phone off and you sit back and relax for a while. After that turn these both and then retry the connection.

2. Now all you have to do is to Navigate to Settings of the LG G5 and then go to the Power saving and check if this option is disabled.

3. Wi-Fi analyzer app is of a great help as it tells you how jam-packed your network is. For improved connectivity you can shift to a better option.

4. Go to Settings of your LG G5 and then choose Wi-Fi and forget the connection. After some time you need to enter the password again and then try the connection again.

5. Make sure that your LG G5 is running the latest firmware, so as the router.

6. Go to Wi-Fi Settings of LG G5 and then go to Advanced and note down your phone’s MAC address then check if it is allowed access in the router’s Mac filter.

For Bluetooth connectivity:

1. For this issue you need to go to Settings of LG G5 and then navigate to Bluetooth and make sure that all settings are fine.

2. After that again go to Settings of your device and then go to Bluetooth and here you have to erase all the previous pairings and set them up again.

2. Proximity sensor problem

A lot of users have complained about the Proximity sensor issue and that might be the case where users are using the screen protectors especially when the tempered glass cover is used.

Possible Solution

First you have to download AIDA64 app from the Play Store. This app will ensure you that if there is truly any issue with the sensor. Navigate to the sensors section of your device and then look for the Proximity sensor. Now all you have to do is to hold over the sensor and the value should be between 5 cm and 0 cm. To re-calibrate the sensor dial this code *#546368#*860# , then navigate to Device test>> SAAT>> Service Menu Manual Test>> key press test>> call start.

3. Loud Static noise

Users have also reported a loud static noise when they their LG G5 to the car audio via auxiliary cable. But the interesting part of this issue is that this static noise does not come in all vehicles and with wired headphones.

Possible Solution

LG is aware of this issue and it is working hard to release an update to fix this problem but nobody knows when the update will be released for the users of LG G5. Till that make sure you have plugged the Aux cable properly and also make sure that there is no dust in the headphone jack of the vehicle and the phone.

4. LED notifications problem

Users have reported that in most of the cases the LED notification of the LG G5 do not light up for the text messages and the other apps that they have downloaded. For stock apps it is working flawless but issues comes with the 3rd party apps.

Possible Solution

1. First of all press the Home button>> Tools>> Settings>> Sound tab

2. Now Tap the Notification LED

3. After that activate the LED lights for notifications by tapping the Notification LED switch

4. Now choose the notification type, you want the LED light to flash.

Users can also consider using the Light flow app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store that allows users to take full control of the notifications.

5. Backlight Problem

A large number of users of LG G5 have observed backlight bleeding issue with the LCD pane, as a result of which bright patches appear around the edge and corners of the screen.

Possible Solution

Use the Backlight Bleed Test app from the Google Play Store to inspect the LCD display of your LG G5. If the issue still persists then you are one of those experiencing the screen issue. Now all you can do is to get in touch with LG, carrier or the retailer from where you bought the LG G5 and ask them for a replacement.